5K Course: IA14018MF
10.1K Course: IA15016MF

WELCOME! Welcome to the home of the 6th annual Race for Hope Des Moines!  Our event has had a successful five years and we are excited to see everyone again in May!  If this is your first time visiting, just scroll down for more information.  If you are a return guest, we hope this website contains all the info you need to be ready for May 12! We are always working to improve your online experience. If you can’t find any information, please don’t hesitate to contact us using the link above.

WHO ARE WE? Race for Hope Des Moines is an annual event inspired by Nicolas Lovan, a 16 year old Des Moines native. The all volunteer staff prides itself in keeping costs as low as possible in order to maximize proceeds sent to brain tumor organizations.  We utilize Iowa based vendors wherever possible so our expenses help the Iowa community.

VISION: In November 2012, doctors diagnosed him with an inoperable brain tumor. Despite recently having brain surgery, Nicolas had an immediate desire to get involved as an advocate. Researching his diagnosis on the internet, he and his mother found the National Brain Tumor Society. Through the organization, they discovered several ways to participate in Brain Tumor Awareness Month, which is in May. They participated in the Washington, DC Race for Hope May 2012 to raise funds for the National Brain Tumor Society. Additionally, Nicolas and his mother advocated for more research and funding by meeting with Congress at the White House Head to the Hill event. The vision did not stop there. The Washington, DC event inspired Nicolas to host a similar event locally in Des Moines. Since learning about his brain tumor and the lack of information around the Des Moines area, Nicolas wanted to find a way to educate and honor others who are going through similar experiences. His inspiration motivated the creation of the Race for Hope – DSM, a 5K Run/Walk Event. His goal was to make this an annual event each May during Brain Tumor Awareness month to bring awareness to the cause, raise much needed research funds, bring the community together, pay tribute to those who have passed, and celebrate survivors.

PREVIOUS YEARS: The first year brought over 600 runners and supporters to Des Moines, raising over $25,000 which went directly to the National Brain Tumor Society, a non-profit organization that partners with the world’s leaders in research, public policy, and clinical care to advance the understanding of brain tumors, expands the availability of new treatments, and drive the discovery of a cure. The second year the event added another beneficiary, the Dragon Master Foundation a non-profit organization working to create a large-scale database of molecular, genetic, clinical and environmental data to assist researchers. By collaborating data, they are able to find trends and similarities to link individuals to clinical trials more quickly and to assist researchers in determining potential causes and cure.

OUR MISSION: Our ongoing mission is two-fold: raising funds and raising awareness. The Race for Hope DSM Run/Walk is a family-friendly fundraiser to benefit brain tumor research through Dragon Master Foundation , the National Brain Tumor Society , and the Childrens Cancer Connection. It is held in May to recognize and promote Brain Tumor/Cancer Awareness Month in our community.

OUR EVENT: The 6th Annual Race for Hope DSM will bring together over 2,000 runners, walkers, children, families, businesses, and supporters to Des Moines, Iowa for the state’s largest brain tumor research community fundraiser. In the last four years, the race has raised over $160,000 for brain tumor research. We aim high this year and our goal for 2018 is to raise $50,000.  Please follow our Facebook page for all the latest details!

USATF: We’re proud to have an official USATF certified course!
A USATF-certified course is a road race course whose distance has been certified for accuracy, meaning your road running performance can be accepted as an official record or national ranking. Running a race on a certified course allows you to accurately compare your time to performances run on other certified courses because you can be sure the distances were the same. No one can truly establish a personal best if the course distance is not accurate. For more information, please visit the website : USATF.

USATF CERTIFICATION NUMBER: Our USATF certification numbers are IA14018MF (5K) and IA15016MF (10.1K)

BRAIN TUMOR FACTS: Each year, more than 69,000 people in the United States are diagnosed with a primary or metastatic brain tumor. Today, nearly 700,000 people in the United States are living with the diagnosis of a primary brain or central nervous system tumor. Brain tumors are often deadly, impact quality of life, and change everything for patients and their loved ones. At this time brain tumor research is underfunded and the public remains unaware of the magnitude of this disease.

  • Brain tumors will be the cause of an estimated 14,080 deaths this year
  • Brain tumors are the second leading cause of cancer-related deaths in children (males and females) under age 20 (leukemia is the first)
  • Brain tumors are the  leading cause of cancer-related deaths in young adults ages 20-39
  • There are 120 different brain tumor types yet only 4 FDA approved treatments

WE CAN’T reach our goals without you!  Please take a moment to look around.  We have included pictures from the past years as well as photos of our inspiration. If you would like to learn more about brain tumors, visit our resource page for some downloadable pamphlets.  If you would like to be more involved, we would be excited to have you on the committee!  Just contact us using the link above.  As always, follow us on Facebook or Twitter for the most up to date info.